The Light and the Darkness

And I Am Their Prince

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Character Name: Riku
Gender: Male
Age: 16 (nearing 17)

Appearance: Riku has long, spiky silver hair that falls into his eyes and halfway down his shoulder blades. His eyes are slanted, a chilling, calculating aqua. He’s average height, perhaps five foot nine, and lean. He wears loose jeans, sneakers, and a sleeveless shirt vest ensemble, crisscrossed by stripes and punctuated by zippers.

Personality: Riku is outwardly calm and cool, but more often than not is engaged in a fierce inner struggle. He is constantly tempted by the darkness– it is a daily fight within him not to give into it. All the same, Riku is a good friend, especially to King Micky, Sora, and Kairi, and his inner (and physical) strength is invaluable. Despite prior transgressions and experiments into the darkness, Riku has a strong heart [case in point- WHO was the keyblade’s first choice, again? ;3]. He would (and does) give anything and do anything to help a friend in trouble. He’s strong-willed and stubborn, and tries not to give up even an inch.

Abilities/Weapons: Though he can no longer use the powers of darkness to open pathways, after the Kingdom Heats Encoder returned him to normal, he retains minimal dark powers, consisting mainly of a short-lasting shield and a basic energy attack. He fears that using them may inch him closer to vulnerability to darkness, however, and rarely uses them. He wields “Way to the Dawn,” a modified version of the cruel blade “Souleater.”

Strengths/Weakness: Riku has a strong will, great physical strength and capabilities, and is an accomplished swordsman. However, he can prove hotheaded and extremely stubborn. He suffers trauma and emotional burdens from his time spent as “Ansem,” and has a tendency for depression. The remnant darkness in the back of his mind could be seen as a risk or liability, and it makes him uncomfortable and occasionally stand-offish. He can seem cold, and very rude at times as well.

History: Riku spent most of his life on Destiny Islands with Sora and, later on, Kairi. When he was fifteen, the heartless attacked Destiny Islands and corridors in the darkness opened. Riku accepted the darkness, thinking that it could give him exactly what he wanted- a chance to see other worlds. He got what he wanted, but at a hefty price. Maleficent ensnared him and tempted him to go deeper, telling him that was the way to save Kairi’s heart. She gave Riku the power to control the Heartless and manipulate the darkness, all while Xehanort’s Heartless slowly infiltrated his mind and heart and dragged him lower.
In a final conflict at Hollow Bastion, Xehanort’s Heartless fully took over Riku’s body and tried to use it to destroy Sora. However, Riku helped to stall a fatal blow and ultimately Sora defeated Xehanort and locked the door to Kingdom Hearts– sealing Riku and King Micky inside.
Riku ultimately found a way out of Kindom Hearts and into Castle Oblivion, where a portion of Xehanort persisted and nagged at him constantly, trying to bring him back to the darkness. Riku ultimately was able to defeat Xehanort’s influence.
Directed by DiZ to capture Roxas, Riu faced off with the young Nobody at Memory Skyscraper... and lost. Knowing that accepting the darkness would make him stronger, he took it into himself until even his outer appearance had changed. He defeated Roxas and captured him, bringing him back to DiZ. He helped DiZ stall and keep Roxas entertained, so to speak, until Sora was ready to be reawakened by combining with Roxas. He remained in Xehanort’s Heartless’ form until Ansem the Wise’s Kingdom Hearts Encoder exploded, at which time he joined Sora and they defeated Xemnas, the final member of Organization XIII... together.